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About Westmass

The Westmass Area Development Corporation (Westmass) is an experienced regional, private not-for-profit industrial and business development corporation created to promote and assist business growth in western Massachusetts. Westmass accomplishes these goals by developing properly zoned and fully permitted industrial and business park land resources and buildings at the cross roads of New England in the Knowledge Corridor.

Westmass has been successfully developing industrial and business park resources for over fifty (50) years and as a result today it has the most experienced and knowledgeable staff available to assist companies seeking a prime western Massachusetts business location. Westmass provides site selection information and analysis, utility evaluations, comprehensive permit management, and expedited closings. Westmass will coordinate and manage all local expedited project permitting.

Westmass currently offers over 200 acres of master-planned, industrially zoned and pre-permitted land resources in mature park locations. In addition, Westmass offers historic mill buildings for sale or lease and adaptive reuse at its Ludlow Mills project site. All four (4) park locations have utilities and infrastructure in place and have exceptional access to the interstate highway system and western Massachusetts’ talented and skilled workforce.

Westmass is a founding affiliate of the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts and a partner in the coordinated “one-stop shopping” approach to development in western Massachusetts.

Westmass is ready and can help with just one call.