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Getting Started

It's easy when you have the professional support of Westmass' staff. Westmass becomes your project's advocate and proponent; we are there with you every step of the way.

Step One - Talk with us; we are experts at listening. Tell us your business needs and what is important to the success of your business.

Westmass has over 200 acres of property in four (4) different parks to find sites and/or building space that work best for your company. Our staff will take the information you provide and use it to identify specific sites within our parks for your evaluation. Our staff will develop detailed conceptual site layout plans for each of the sites being considered. It is then up to your company, your team, or you, to decide which of the sites is most desirable. Choose your site.

Step Two - As Westmass and your company proceed toward closing; you will be working with the contractor of your choice to prepare and finalize all necessary plans. This is an exciting step where your company's ideas, concepts, and requirements begin to turn into reality.

Step Three - The permit process. Unlike other experiences you may have had in the past, your company will not have to "go it alone". Westmass and its staff are your project's proponents and as such we will work with your contractor to help get the permits you need. We will manage the entire process for you and your contractor. Westmass will schedule the necessary meetings, attend those meetings and help get your permits in the shortest amount of time.

Step Four - Smile, it's time for the Groundbreaking or Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. It has been that easy for well over 100 companies that are in our parks today. It will be for your company too.

These are the basic steps that comprise the process that leads to the construction of your new building in any of our Parks. While this summary may seem like an over simplification, our success lies in thorough and exceptional preparation.

Call us and let us show you what we mean.