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Town awarded technical assistance funding for Mills
Ludlow - More than a dozen communities including Ludlow will be given 17 awards totaling $4.9 million for brownfield site revitalization and technical assistance from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These communities area among 172 across the country to receive EPA brownfields funding.

Ludlow Builds Off Mill Project’s Momentum
Doug Stefancik says Ludlow’s status as a safe, clean, middle-income community makes it an attractive spot to live or do business. When it comes to economic development in Ludlow, the sprawling project known as Ludlow Mills has been the lead story for several years.

Interpretive signage in place along Riverwalk
Ludlow - With the addition of granite markers and interpretive signage, visitors to the Riverwalk behind the Ludlow Mills complex will encounter a narrative history of Ludlow and the riverfront industries that built it.

Westmass Offers Sneak Peek of Restored Ludlow Mill #10
Westmass Offers Sneak Peek of Restored Ludlow Mill #10;
55 and Over Apartments Set to Open in Summer
WinnDevelopment Senior Independent Living Project at Ludlow Mills

Ludlow Mills celebrates cleanup, worries about future grants for more work as complex comes back to life
LUDLOW -- Westmass Area Development Corp. announced this week the completion of a $600,000 cleanup of hazardous asbestos and PCBs from the 170-acre Ludlow Mills complex.